The Story of the Westons

Alison grew up with a love of horses, as many young girls do, but this "phase" never wore off. After much begging and persistence, Alison received her first horse when she was 8 years old, and they've been a part of her life ever since. She quickly outgrew that little grade mare and started riding more competitively. She had to train her own, as the funds were not there to pay for trainers and expensive horses. This is a blessing in her eyes, as her horses were the best teachers. She did have the opportunity to trade lesson time with a local trainer for putting ride time on the trainer's smaller horses. She began training horses under saddle at the young age of 12, and has enjoyed her life long journey with them since. Along with the learning aspect, as a kid, the horses were her confidence builders and friends, as she was extremely shy.
She has worked with a variety of horses since those early days; from light breeds to drafts, gaited and non gaited, and most recently has been smitten with Gypsy Vanners.  She's experienced in many disciplines, from english to western rail classes, driving, competitive trail, mounted shooting, dressage, etc. With such a broad base of horses, she has done a little (or a lot) of everything. Although successful in the show ring (where she spent most of her life), her passion for the show ring wore off quite a few years back. Her enjoyment for starting horses and developing solid foundations has never ceased and continues to grow. She has performed all aspects of training; from starting horses under saddle, working with traumatized/poorly handled horses, training trail mounts, to polishing for the show ring. Of recent years, it seems most of the horses brought to Alison have "issues" that their owners are unable to navigate. It appears her niche is helping get those horses to find the good place in their mind, and then work with the owner to continue that relationship for the better of the horse. She is greatly rewarded by seeing the change in these horses. Alison continues to learn and grow, and will be a lifelong student of the horse. She continues to learn all she can in classical riding and proper biomechanics of horse and rider by taking lessons, riding in clinics, and participating in seminars. In addition, she wishes that she had known of the teachings of Dorrance, Hunt, and those that taught similar philosophies much sooner in life, but now Alison applies these philosophies the best that she knows how. She is always trying her best to "do right by the horse". Her latest venture is taking her back into the ring in the discipline of Cowboy Dressage. She enjoys the low stress and positive atmosphere that these gatherings provide.

Alison always thought she wanted to be an equine vet, and this led her to get a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Sciences at Oregon State University. She majored in Pre-vet Med and minored in Equine Sciences all while working in her off hours at vet clinics and horse farms. She took many intensive courses in Equine Reproduction, which was her favorite area of study.She was able to live at a breeding farm while going to school, which allowed her the luxury of continuing to work with her horses in her "spare" time. This is where these two soul-mates originally met. Paul was Alison's farrier at the time.

After graduating from OSU, Alison changed her career path and moved to Central Oregon, where she became a Registered Nurse. She juggled their business and working as an RN part time for a number of years up until 2014. Now that Weston Equine Services is well established, she is enjoying working full time at their facility.

Paul realized his love for horses in the 5th grade while attending a youth camp. He was able to establish a relationship with the horsemanship director, which enabled him to continue learning about horses and improve his riding skills. Paul attended equine camps around the country growing up and also had horses of his own. His summers in his high school years were spent as a wrangler/instructor/trail guide.

Once Paul graduated from high school, he realized he wanted a career that allowed him to work with horses. Being a farrier seemed perfect, and he went on to farrier school at LBCC in Corvallis in 1994. After many years working in his field, he became a Certified Journeyman Farrier. In 2006, Paul and Alison were reunited after life led them down separate paths. After working in the Willamette Valley since 1994 as a farrier, Paul relocated to Central Oregon with Alison in 2007 and started building his High Desert clientele. Between the farrier business and the facility, free time is very limited. When it does occur, Paul gets to enjoy some ride time on occasion.

In 2008, the Weston's purchased a home in Sisters. It needed some work, but the "bones" were there to have a nice, quaint, boarding facility that is conveniently located. Arenas have been erected, fences have been replaced, stalls have been refurbished, barns have been built, and more plans have been made. In just a few years' time, it has grown into something that the Weston's only imagined years before. The Westons hear regularly how the horses on the property seem so calm and at peace. It seems they have produced a sort of respite for the horses and their people, all from a vision they both shared.

Meet the Westons