Alison has been invited by Sound Equine Options to participate in their Lucky 7 competition! This is an organization that Alison supports and has provided training services for in the past. Her project horse is Tommy Lee. He is an unstarted and minimally handled 3 year old. He arrived with an incredible amount of worry, and within just a little bit of handling by Alison is coming around nicely. Tommy will be available for adoption at the Lucky 7 competition December 5, 2015. Follow his progress on Weston Equine Services Facebook page! Updates will include pictures and video of their progress.

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With less than 40 rides under saddle, Tommy Lee and Alison received Reserve Champion at the Lucky 7 Finale! He was the high selling horse by thousands with a winning bid of $6900! Most importantly, he went to a wonderful home!!

Sound Equine Option's Lucky 7 Competition !

2015 Rescue Revolution Results:
Alison won Champion in Hand with Buddy and made it in the Top 5 with Carmelita. She chose not to participate in the Freestyle event with Carmelita, so it is unknown what end placing she could have attained. Carmelita was the high selling horse at a price of $3200. Buddy was purchased back by Equine Outreach. If you are interested in him, contact Alison for information. Pictures of ALison's journey with her 2 projects are shown below.
Here is a link to a news story with Alison and Buddy

Here is a little smidgen of where Tommy Lee was at on his 10th ride.

Here is Tommy with roughly a couple month's riding handling the trail course.