Learning Opportunities
"Emboldened Equine" Sales and Re-homing Services


Do you have a horse that you would like to sell, but don't have the time or energy? Let Alison spend the time it takes to find your horse an appropriate new home. Sale horses are fitted and tuned up to show to prospective buyers. Pictures and quality videos are taken and used in advertising to show each individual horse's attributes. Horse and rider match making is a priority. Thought is taken in considering the horse buyer's experience, knowledge, and expectations and matching them with the appropriate horses' disposition and training level. The goal is to find them permanent homes, not just sell them to the highest bidder. Sales will only take place after owner approval. Building long-term horse/rider relationships is the goal! References can be provided of clients that have found their perfect match via Alison.

Depending on space availability, they also accept horses who are, or will be homeless at no fault of their own. Whatever the reason may be (financial hardship, relocation,etc.) Alison can sometimes (if room allows) accept these equines and rehab them back to healthy, happy horses and find them great homes. Horses needing some training/tune-ups are OK.

Sales Services:

Full Care Board
Tune ups/training**
New home evaluations, if requested
Arranging appointments for viewing/trial rides
Base sales fee is board fee+ 15% of selling price

**Additional fees may be incurred for some sales services, please contact Alison for information**

*Check the sale page for horses currently being offered*

Emboldened Equine Training Services

The horsemanship Alison exhibits is based on respect, feel, patience, and helping the horse function in sound form, both body and mind. She will forever be a student of the horse and believes they are the greatest teachers. With the horses leading the way for inspiration, she  has chosen mentors with similar philosophies, all having one thing in common: the desire to do right by the horse. Things that are not part of Alison's repertoire include; getting a horse to a pre-determined training "level" by a pre-determined time, use of martingales, tie downs, draw reins, bigger bits, etc, working with horses in a way that causes them to travel biomechanically incorrect (forcing an un-natural frame), and training horses to travel in untrue gaits.

Alison is an official Recommended Clinician Level 2 for the Cowboy Dressage Professionals Association.

Lessons, clinics, and training services are offered by Alison. Check out the "Learning Opportunities" page for more information.