After spending most of the first couple decades of her life in the show ring, Alison grew weary of training practices and personalities that had grown to be common in that environment. Upon distancing herself from this, the following years were spent being a student of the horse, learning under mentors that were doing right by the horse, and working on her practice with client horses. The thought of stepping into the show ring again never crossed her mind...….until she got wind of the evolving (at the time) discipline of Cowboy Dressage. A discipline where she could blend the philosophies of kindness, listening to the horse, and doing less, combined with the study of classical riding? Well, this was quite a turning point. Cowboy Dressage was a discipline that did not benefit from the sacrifice of the horse. This has become rare. It just took one Gathering for Alison to know CD was a good deal, not only for the horses but also for the people. The feel of the Gatherings was not one of competition, but more like, as the name implies, gathering of like minded individuals. The participants are on their own journeys, of course, but the underlying theme is the same; do right by the horse and do right to each other.

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Interested in learning about Cowboy Dressage? Alison is a Recommended CD Professional with her Level 2 designation. She is currently working on accomplishing her Level 3 and becoming a CD judge. She brought Cowboy Dressage to Hawaii in 2018, and plans on continuing teaching there, as well as from home in Sisters. She not only teaches, but has taken horses she has had in for training in their first season under saddle to win High Score awards at their first Gatherings, as well as earning High Point accolades. Her greatest accomplishment though, is not changing her values and philosophies in getting there.

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