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Dressage Principles For the Horseman, Jim Hicks Clinic

August 4-6, 2017

I am very pleased to be announcing that Jim Hicks will be coming to our facility for a "Dressage Principles for the Horseman" clinic August 4th-6th. I thoroughly enjoyed riding with Jim last summer and wanted to extend his teachings to my friends. Jim's philosophy is a refreshing mix of what he learned from Ray Hunt blended with the movements of dressage to bring out the best in himself, his equine partners, and students. He can really read where a person is at with things, what weaknesses they may have, and how their abilities can be strengthened to offer a more fluid partnership. He is a humble soul and teaches with kindness. I first read articles by Jim Hicks in Eclectic Horseman and sensed that he was a fella I needed to meet. He did not disappoint.
This clinic is the weekend after the CD Gathering at Brasada. For those coming from out of the area for the gathering, this would be a fun opportunity for some weekday trail exploration in Sisters, followed by 3 days with Jim! Contact us if you would like to reserve a trailer spot and paddock. Price for the clinic is $475 for the 3 days and includes lunch.
More info on Jim:
Jim Hicks is an accomplished professional horseman and is one of the owners of Sage Creek Equestrian, a world-class facility located in Heber City, Utah with his wife Donnette.Over 25 years ago, Hicks and his wife sought out Ray Hunt with a desire to learn more about the horse and Hunt remains one of the greatest influences on the Hicks’ careers.
Hicks participated as a mentor in the 2011 and 2012 Ray Hunt Memorial Legacy of Legends scholarship program.
. Trains and teaches through the Grand prix level
. Re-schooled and returned to the FEI level Fourteen dressage competition horses.
· United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Silver Medalist
· American Paint Horse Association (APHA) World Champion in Dressage
· USDF Horse of the Year Award
· Utah Dressage Society Fourth Level Highpoint Award
· Started thousands of colts, including Paloma Playboy and Shorty Starlight, that have become high-earning horses in the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)
· Rehabilitated show jumper Dutch Luck to return to jumping with a gain of 8” of jumping height
· Wrangler and rider in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics
· Stuntman and wrangler for BBC America
. Stuntman and wrangler for Reel Wranglers
. Movie Industry Equine Consultant
Here is a link to more info on Sage Creek Equestrian and Jim Hicks.

Cowboy Dressage Play Days

Come spend the day at the Westons for a relaxed, supportive, and fun Cowboy Dressage practice day. All are welcome, those new to Cowboy Dressage and those well acquainted. There will be time first off in the morning to get your horse used to the court, and then tests will be called for riders. A new addition to our playdays is the challenge court! All are welcome to participate in a potluck lunch. It is a great opportunity to meet others that are excited about what Cowboy Dressage has to offer! Please check out  Cowboy Dressage World's website to see the tests and pick which ones you would like to practice.

Pre-registration is required to hold your spot. Cost is $10 per test.

Next Play Day scheduled: April 9th 10:30-3:30