Private Learning Opportunities

Looking for a one on one, individualized experience?

Hourly instruction is available with Alison on a limited basis.

Call well in advance to schedule.


Cowboy Dressage Play Days

Come spend the day at the Westons for a relaxed, supportive, and fun Cowboy Dressage practice day. All are welcome, those new to Cowboy Dressage and those well acquainted. Alison is a Recommended Cowboy Dressage Clinician.There will be time first off in the morning to get your horse used to the court, and then tests will be called for riders. A new addition to our playdays is the challenge court! All are welcome to participate in a potluck lunch. It is a great opportunity to meet others that are excited about what Cowboy Dressage has to offer! Please check out  Cowboy Dressage World's website to see the tests and pick which ones you would like to practice.

Pre-registration is required to hold your spot. Cost is $10 per test.