Finding the FUN in Functional

With Katie Ebbage and Julie Staub

May 6-7

Our friends, Katie Ebbage and Julie Staub are returning to Central Oregon for a clinic May 6-7!! If you have not experienced some time with these lovely ladies already, you will not be disappointed. They are a wealth of knowledge and offer it to their students in a very positive, supportive way. The clinic offers a wonderful blend of education and instruction to get the human and the horse to a state of soundness and balance....together. Riders from ANY discipline will benefit. What a great way to start off our Spring riding! Here is a link to Julie's web page,
Katie Ebbage has a deep foundation in dressage, as presented by International Grand Prix dressage trainer Peter DeCosemo and additional studies with Olympic 3 day event trainer Baron Hans Von Blixen Fineche. Working student positions with Peter Decosemo, show jumper Vuk Djokovic (in Spain), and Olympic 3 day event rider Amy Tryon gives Katie a well rounded education in sport disciplines, exposure to international level competition, and a strong sense of cross training. Her continued education has consisted of work with Connected Riding instructors and practitioners, Peggy Cummings (founder of Connected Riding), Deb Davies (equine nervous system specialist and osteopath), Jillian Kreinbring (equine biomechanics expert) and Julie Staub (physical therapist, pilates instructor, and human mechanics expert), are all part of the team with which Katie studies to expand her base of knowledge in order to support horses and riders.
Clinic is limited to only 8 riders to allow for individualized attention! Cost is $350 for the weekend, and includes a catered lunch both days. Please let me know food restrictions/preferences when registering; GF, Vegan, Paleo, etc.
You MUST pre-register for this clinic and send in a $175 deposit to hold your spot.
Auditors welcome at $25/day.

Cowboy Dressage Play Days

Come spend the day at the Westons for a relaxed, supportive, and fun Cowboy Dressage practice day. All are welcome, those new to Cowboy Dressage and those well acquainted. There will be time first off in the morning to get your horse used to the court, and then tests will be called for riders. A new addition to our playdays is the challenge court! All are welcome to participate in a potluck lunch. It is a great opportunity to meet others that are excited about what Cowboy Dressage has to offer! Please check out  Cowboy Dressage World's website to see the tests and pick which ones you would like to practice.

Pre-registration is required to hold your spot. Cost is $10 per test.

Next Play Day scheduled: April 9th 10:30-3:30

Private Learning Opportunities

Looking for a one on one, individualized experience?

Hourly instruction is available with Alison on a limited basis.

Call well in advance to schedule.