At Weston Equine Services, Paul and Alison strive to pamper your beloved equine(s). Whether you need full-care board for your performance horse or have an old friend that needs a place to retire, they will get one-on-one individualized care. The farm is a private, intimate facility, only allowing a handful of horses to be residents at any given time. This allows for each horse to get the care it deserves. Paul and Alison manage all of the chores and care, so they get to know all of the horse's personalities and needs.

All fencing is horse safe non-climb with top rail. All residents get turned out every day. Horses dispositions and behaviors are monitored to determine the best turnout situation for all. Groups are kept small (no more than 3 in a group), so all are peaceful. All stalls have attached runs- no horses are enclosed in box stalls.

The facility is conveniently located on HWY 126, just a few miles East of Sisters. It is centrally located, being a short commute to both Redmond and Bend. There is a 60'round-pen available for use, outdoor arena with all season footing, plus a covered 72' X 132' arena. There is a heated observation room with couch, micro and fridge for boarder's use in the arena barn. The Dry Canyon trail is a short distance(< 5 min) from the property, which offers hours of trail riding enjoyment. Located just outside of Sisters, there are endless options for trail riding all within short trailering distance.

All equine residents must be family friendly, easy to handle, and up to date on all vaccinations. Horses with special needs (feeding regimens, supplements, monitoring, medications, etc.) are welcome.

All stalls/paddocks are cleaned daily and pastures are cleaned by hand (no dragging) at least once a week. This up-keep plus the use of fly predators limits the fly population tremendously.

All waterers are heated (both indoor and outdoor) in the winter to assure all horses get adequate water. Blanketing/un-blanketing daily is offered at no additional fee.

All- inclusive options are available for owners who do not live locally or travel frequently. No need to feel guilty for not coming out, your horse will be well taken care of. All horses can be put on a worming/vaccination schedule as well as being scheduled appropriately for trimming/shoeing. Veterinary visits can also be arranged and handled by the Westons. Horses are monitored closely and assessed on a daily basis.

Is your horse on a special feed or supplement? No problem, when your horse gets low the Weston's will pick more up for you. Supplements or grains will be added to your bill for the purchase price, but no charge is given for picking it up and feeding it to your equine as directed.

Just passing through? Visitors to the area are also welcome to bring their horses for short stays, whether for a night or a few days. Just call ahead to check on stall availability and make your reservation. Short-stay horses are kept separate from other boarders and do require up to date vaccinations. If traveling from a different state, short-stayers should also have a health certificate with Coggins.

Price List (All options are full-care)

Retirement All inclusive board option: $750 /month- Includes full care board, trims every 6-8 weeks, once/week grooming, daily handling, 2 bags pellet feed/month for supplement feeding, Dac Orange + Oil supplement, worming as needed (fecal check to be paid by owner, wormer included in fee), no charge for handling for veterinary visits (visits to be billed to owner), regular updates and pictures for those out of the area.

Box stall with run, 10-12 hr daily turnout    $450(All horses have their own stall/paddock. If owner prefers, their horse can be in turnout 24/7 and only brought in when there is inclement weather)
Short Stay          $30/night per horse

Weekly grooming      $20/session

Riding/training session      $55/45 min. session

Board/1 weekly lesson package      $610

Farrier services       *See farrier services page*

Services included with Full-Care; on-site facility owners/managers, stalls/runs cleaned daily, feedings 2-3 X/day, quality grass hay, (grain/supplements can be fed, purchase price will be added to bill), daily turnout (everyday, unless inclement weather), blanketing/grooming (upon request), vaccination/worming program, trailer parking and fly spray/mask application.

*Services are catered to specific horse's needs- most special requests can be met, just let us know*
Main Barn
Indoor box-stalls with attached runs
Broodmare stall with attached run
Heated/locked tack room

All turnout areas are completely enclosed with non-climb woven fence and top-rail or 2 rail.
All horses are allowed turnout daily (At least 10 hours)

Depending on owner preference, horses can be left out 24 hours a day. There are shelters in all turnout areas.
Horses are monitored for compatibility closely.  

Arena Barn 
12X12 stalls with attached runs
Hot water wash rack
Tack room
Overhead observatory

Optional/Additional Services: Medication administration, shoeing/trimming, exercising/training, lessons, hauling